Aziz receives back pay for work as a carpenter

man maakt stoel

In August 2017, Aziz from Morocco approached FairWork. He had worked for a furniture maker for 1.5 years. He was to earn 50 euros a day for working days up to 14 hours.

The workplace was also his living space, although there was no shower and little privacy; more undocumented workers lived there.

When Aziz got his finger caught in a machine, the boss forced him to give a false name to the hospital. The boss also said he would deduct hospital treatment from his wages. Aziz has not yet received the last six months of wages at all and when he asks for this, the boss threatens him.

With the help of FairWork, Aziz reported human trafficking for labour exploitation and received protection. The hearing took place five years later. The employer was convicted by the Court; he was ordered to pay Aziz damages and back wages. However, the boss is appealing and Aziz has been waiting for the final decision for almost a year. He has lived in fear for years, but this preliminary success has given him cautious confidence in the future again.

Are you new to the Netherlands and are you not being paid as agreed? Do you feel exploited and don’t know where to look for help? Everyone can and may demand their rights. Approach FairWork for accessible and free support with labour exploitation.