Slavery is not something from the distant past or something that only happens in poor, remote countries or in history books. Slavery is closer than you might think. Slavery also exists in the Netherlands.

Right under our very noses, thousands of people are working as modern slaves, although, you might not easily recognise them. Modern slavery is of course, forbidden in the Netherlands. Anyone who is guilty of this violates the basic rights of man. FairWork dedicates itself to a slavery free Netherlands.

What do we do?

FairWork directly supports victims of labour exploitation in the Netherlands. FairWork also wants to expand and improve aid to victims of human trafficking. We want to increase the confidence of the victims and their ability to live independently. To accomplish this, FairWork initiates pilot projects together with other organisations.

FairWork wants to teach people how to recognise human trafficking. We want to spread our expertise on how to approach and support victims. To accomplish this, FairWork trains and advises relief workers, civil servants and law enforcement agencies.

FairWork wants to increase the awareness in the Netherlands, by showing the Dutch public that right under our very noses; people are living in modern slavery. To accomplish this, FairWork informs, activates and influences the public, politics and employers.

Working together

We work together with, for example, the Anti-Trafficking Coordination Centre (CoMensha), emergency services, investigative services, lawyers and unions. We dedicate ourselves to helping victims who want to break out of their situation or to those who have just done that. Above all, we work on preventing and combating modern slavery. FairWork furthermore devotes itself to improving cooperation between all governments and organisations that deal with human trafficking.


FairWork originated from BlinN (Bonded Labour in the Netherlands). This was an initiative of the relief organisations Humanitas and Oxfam Novib.


FairWork is looking for VOLUNTEERS with knowledge of the SPANISH language and culture (volunteer position, 1 or 2 days a week)

As a volunteer, you inform Spanish speaking workers in the Netherlands about their labour rights and their options in case of labour exploitation. You are the ears and the eyes of our foundation and you report on the ways Spanish speaking workers are exploited in the Netherlands. FairWork uses this information to improve protection of victims of labour exploitation. Read more