Slavery is not something from the distant past or something that only happens in poor, remote countries or in history books. Slavery is closer than you might think. Slavery also exists in the Netherlands. Do you ever wonder if the guy at the snackbar is there day and night and if he ever has time off? Or do you see people living on the property of their employer? Don’t turn a blind eye but take action. Read the checklist.

If you have an opportunity to talk to people yourself you could ask:

• Has anyone in the Netherlands approached you about work?
• Is the work what you expected?
• Has anyone seized your passport?
• Do you have (a lot of) debts?
• Do you get paid (enough) to support yourself?
• Are you allowed to see a doctor when you are sick?
• Are you forced to work?
• Are you or is your family threatened?
• Do you have to do dangerous or unhealthy work?
• Is your freedom being limited?
• Are you threatened because you live in the Netherlands illegally?

If it is not possible to talk to the people please see if you can do your own assessment.

Is the answer yes to one or more questions, the persons might be a victim of modern slavery. Please contact FairWorkMeld Misdaad Anoniem (English) of Inspectie SZW. Don’t tell the person and it’s not advisable to talk to the police.