FairWork trains relief workers and law enforcement agencies in recognising human trafficking. In addition, we advise them about approaching and supporting victims.

We inform on these issues by providing:

  • Training courses & workshops
  • Education
  • Presentations
  • Intervision
  • The way victims of exploitation cope with this traumatic event varies from person to person. It is important for relief workers to realise this, so they can adapt their assistance accordingly.

Cultural differences complicate the communication between relief workers and victims in various ways. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to and be sensitive to this aspect, when giving aid.

For many victims of human trafficking, it is unclear whether they can stay in the Netherlands. They also often go without independent housing and worse yet, they lack a place for themselves. This has the potential to stunt their personal growth.

As victims, they have not been given the chance to live; to survive was their only goal. They need time to recover and can, therefore, sometimes for years; only develop themselves in a limited way in areas of social contacts, education and employment.