If you care about our work, it is possible to include FairWork in your will.

Supporting FairWork through a legacy

A legacy is very personal; you make your own wishes known by giving your possessions to the persons and institutions who are important to you. FairWork can also be one of those organizations that you include in your will as an heir. With a legacy, you also support the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery in the Netherlands after your death.

Tax free donation

An inheritance is fiscally advantageous. The tax authorities charge the so-called zero rate for charitable bequests. This means that no tax (inheritance tax) needs to be paid on the portion of the inheritance awarded.

Preliminary interview

Including beneficiaries in a will is an individual choice. You should not rush into a decision. We can well imagine that you would first like to have a meeting with one of our staff members.

You can discuss your questions with us personally and in confidence. If you wish, one of our staff will visit you to discuss the various possibilities for bequests.

Search for a notary

For the preparation of a will you always need a notary. The work of the notary is at all times strictly confidential. The fees for making a will vary from one notary office to another. Most offices offer the opportunity for a free introductory meeting lasting half an hour. For general notarial questions you can also call the Notary phone: 0900 – 346 93 93 (0.80 euros p/m, on working days from 09.00 to 14.00 hours Dutch language)

Testament Test

Do the online Testament Test (in Dutch) here. You will receive free personal advice, with special attention to bequeathing to charities.