Claim your labour rights!

FairWork has collected a number of stories from migrant workers who have learned about their labour rights and the support options in the Netherlands. As a result, they have a stronger employment position and/or have been able to claim their rights. 

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Online information meeting: Labour exploitation in times of corona

Do you work with undocumented migrants and do you see that they are experiencing serious labour rights violations? Are they not getting paid, are they being pressured, kept indoors or have they been put out on the street by their employer?

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Information on Corona virus and work in the Netherlands

Perhaps you are suddenly without work because of Corona. So you have to go to your country of origin. Before you leave, check the conditions in your work contract, and make sure you get your rights.

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Where can I report complaints about bad work situations?

FairWork has developed an overview of options where to notify complaints about exploitation, human trafficking, sexual intimidation, bad housing etc.

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Privacy statement FairWork

When you contact FairWork for help and support, we process your personal data. FairWork will handle this information with care. We would like to inform you about the most important points of our privacy policy.

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Registering in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI)

How can I register in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI)?

If you are moving to the Netherlands for less than 4 months, you can register as a non-resident with the Personal Records Database (BRP). To do so, register with a RNI municipality in the Non-residents Record Database. You will be given a citizen service number (BSN) once you have registered.

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Confidential adviser of FairWork

A confidential adviser is a person within an organization, with whom all employees (both volunteers and paid staff) can share confidential matters. These can relate to problems at work or personal problems.

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The “Kafala” system explained

The ‘kafala’ system is a system that lays down obligations in the treatment and protection of foreign ‘guests’. Kafala means ‘to guarantee’ or ‘to take care of’ in Arabic.

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Sexual Harassment in the workplace among Polish migrant workers in the Netherlands

Report about Sexual Harassment in the workplace among Polis migrant workers in the Netherlands.

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Work Log

I don’t have a work contract, can I claim my rights?

Yes, you can. But only with proof.

Collect any possible evidence that you have worked in a certain place:

  • If you have a smart phone, you can use Google Location History to register where you are;
  • If possible, make pictures of your work place;
  • Write down names of companies, bosses, collagues;
  • Save all digital communication about you work (whatsapp, sms, email);
  • Save all proof on paper (scedules, work instructions);
  • Keep record of days and hours worked;
  • Note down how much you got paid.

In this work log you can fill in information about your work and salary. You can also ask us to send you a free paper work log.


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