FairWork fights against and prevents modern day slavery. It’s estimated that there are 6.250 victims of modern slavery in the Netherlands. They are working in (very) bad workconditions, for example in restaurants, the agricultural sector and cleaning sector. The don’t get paid or very little and they are totally depended on their employer.

Do you want to support FairWork in the fight against modern slavery? We would be happy with any donation. If you make a donation victims of modern slavery can be supported by:

  • listening to them by someone who speaks their own language;
  • offer information and advice on workers rights and how to claim them;
  • (if wanted) report their employer to the police.

FairWork also works on prevention: we spread (online) information about workers rights and support for migrants in the Netherlands. We also train professionals who potentially meet victims in their daily work. They learn how to recognize potential victims and how to approach them. We also work towards changing policies and the practical use of them.

Please support FairWork’s work with a one off donation. All victims thank you!