A fiscal advantageously way to support FairWork with a notarial

Een fiscaal aantrekkelijke manier om FairWork te steunen is via een notarial deed.    

Tax deductible 

You can support us for a long period very advantageously by recording your donations in a notarial deed. You may deduct such a donation in full from your income tax. The benefit can amount to almost 16 to 52 percent of the donation.

Personal situation  

Of course, every personal situation is different. On the website of the Tax Office (in Dutch) you can calculate how much you can get back.

Find a notary

You always need a notary for the preparation of notarized documents. The work of the notary is strictly confidential at all times. The fees for drawing up a will differ per notary office. Most offices offer the opportunity for a free introductory meeting lasting half an hour. For general notarial questions you can also call the Notary phone: 0900 – 346 93 93 (0.80 euros p/m, on working days from 09.00 to 14.00 in Dutch).