Since April 2023, FairWork partners in the international project I-Claim. This project investigates the living and working conditions of migrant households with precarious legal status in Europe.

The I-CLAIM research is led by academic institutions in six European countries: Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The Utrecht University coordinates the project in the Netherlands.

I-Claim combines the need to advance scientific knowledge and theorisation on migrants’ irregularity, its drivers and consequences and the urgency to develop policy options and public interventions aimed at improving the conditions of undocumented migrants and their families.

The research focuses on the situation in the six European countries. The six partners work together with stakeholders, including labour unions and migrant rights organizations, to develop recommendations on how to improve the living and working conditions of migrants with precarious legal status in Europe.

FairWork is one of the national impact and engagement partners. These partners cooperate with the scientific partners and develop policy options and public interventions to improve the conditions of migrants.

In the Netherlands, the main focus of the research and interventions is on Utrecht. In terms of sectors, the project focus in the Netherlands is on domestic work and delivery work.

See the flyer I-Claim for more information.

flyer I-Claim Het verbeteren van de leefen werkomstandigheden van geirregulariseerde huishoudens in Europa

Or see the I-Claim website for more information.

I-CLAIM website
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The I-Claim project is funded by the European Union under grant agreement No 101094373 and the UK Research and Innovation. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or UK Research and Innovation. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them