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Need help?

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Human trafficking is more common than you might think. If you are being exploited, you are not alone. Human trafficking is modern slavery, and that is a crime. However, FairWork and other relief organisations can only act when victims step forward. Many people want to help and ensure that the perpetrators are dealt with harshly.


How do you know if you are being exploited?

Take a minute and answer the following questions:


  • Has anyone in your country offered you work in the Netherlands?
  • Is this work not what you expected?
  • Has your travel agent or your boss taken your passport?
  • Do you have (high) debts?
  • Aren’t you getting paid (enough) for the long days you have to work?
  • Are you not allowed to go see a doctor when you are ill?
  • Are you being forced to work?
  • Are you or your family being threatened?
  • Do you have to do dangerous or unhealthy work?
  • Are you limited in your freedom?
  • Are you being threatened because you do not have the right papers?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to several questions, then you need to take action. We can assist you (victims) in reporting the exploiter’s crime. We can also advise you on other actions and procedures, which you can start, such as claiming back wages.


Please contact us via our contact form. We will see to it that you will receive help in the best and the fastest way.